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Infertility detox and fertility rejuvenation
Start your infertility detox & true fertility rejuvenation through channelled divine messages 


“It’s is an utmost privilege to be guiding you. I am deeply honoured and grateful for your courage and raw vulnerability to intimately share your energy and soul, for us to both work together, side by side, to help you grow, rise from the ashes, be reborn, be kind, wise and heal yourself towards a wealth of abundance and fertility” 

Olivia Ainger Divine Fertility Messages
Infertility detox and fertility rejuvenation
Infertility detox and fertility rejuvenation

You had a dream …

Wanting to start your family and wanting to do it right, the first time around. You kept planning and trying, now feeling insane because you lost the love you once had inside you. You've now lost hope, but you still keep repeating the same thing over and over again expecting the same result, it makes you feel crazy …  feeling tired and alone



You’re at the end of your tether because you have tried everything, it works to some extent but not completely, years have now passed, you feel lost, no one is listening anymore, don’t know what else to do and you don’t even know why…


The pain in your soul is too unbearable...

Your soul got sucked dry…


What if … you’ll know WHY ...

WHAT TO DO about it...

Something that TRULY WORKS,

all in just 2 hours? 


Oh, Yes! Keep reading! 



DIVINE’s all about connecting with the spirit and your soul, both you and I connect in while we do this reading together



...we will work on helping you either have a baby or birthing your true life. Fertility is not just about having a family but also about being abundant, accomplished and wealthy in all other areas of your life 



...these are divine uniquely personalised bespoke messages I receive about your fertile life 

Fertility Meditations

Here’s the thing, my beautiful ray of sunshine…


Your fertility journey (notice I didn’t say infertility?) doesn’t have to have so many problems, unknowns, heartbreak, soul ache, tears, stress and angst for it to be fruitful, vibrant and abundant, have value and true meaning. 





Feeling kindness, connection, warmth and practical achievement from birthing your true life is so certain, only because now, you finally have the right answers to the right questions. 


Because of course, your main focus should be on

who you are

your goal in life

living life the way you want


And NOT on

overthinking everything

wondering what ‘normal’ is anymore

still insisting and persisting and still not pregnant or birthing anything … 

Besides many others such as: overthinking all the science, measurements & tracking, stressing out about relaxing, peeing on a stick, taking your temperature every day, not eating what you want, believing all the diagnoses you’re given, over exercising yet wondering,  where your period went, losing touch with your intuitionyour soul and the divine, not trusting yourself anymore, having sex on command without enjoyment or intimacy, not knowing who to trust, having been led astray by others, having lost all the self love and sense of personal worthiness you have ...

You’ve tried everything, nothing seems to work, and you keep trying! 


That’s where I come in! 


When nothing else works. 




Being a fertility nurse specialist and a divine messages channel … 


I help you birth your true fertility.

Infertility Support


"Within 3 months, we were pregnant and I am feeling more alert, present, conscious, calm, relaxed and alive. You really get more than two birds with one stone with such a powerful channel that Olivia provides. I consider myself very lucky." JACK

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Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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