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Hi i'm Olivia

your fertility secret weapon

...and I am so pleased you are here.

If you have found me, its because you are currently struggling on a fertility journey, you’ve tried everything, some things work, but not all, and you keep trying! 


That’s where I come in! 


When nothing else works. 




Being a fertility nurse specialist & divine messages channel


I help you birth your true fertility.

Infertility support & meditations


I’m a spiritual fertility channel

I am your divine fertility leader, on the cusp and forefront of a new era: 

Divine Fertility

I’ve been called many things:

fertility psychic medium

life coach

spiritual wellness warrior

fertility oracle

Channel, intuitive, energy healer, fertility spirit guide, mentor educator, instructor, teacher, fertility mystic, fertility crystal healer, even fertility oracle


I'm your modern woman shaman healer, having studied in Guatemala, learned from the ancient wisdom & healing powers of shaman midwives from the town of San Pedro, surrounded by the mystical Lake Atitlan

All in all … I not only help get you closer to your goal of having a baby, I help change your life to the better at the same time. 

Divine Fertility Messages


I’m a fertility
nurse specialist

Someone called me a fertility nurse psychic. Made me giggle with joy. That’s because I actually am a


senior fertility nurse specialist & expert

team leader

nurse manager

with over 15 years experience, worked in fertility clinics in 3 countries: Canada, England, Jersey Island off the coast of France 

I graduated from the

Bloomberg School of Nursing at the

University of Toronto with a

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and


have only worked in the fertility field. I’ve done clinical nursing, operating room and procedures, did many intrauterine inseminations and embryo transfers and absolutely love my nursing work, and especially my patients.


My nursing career, visit my LinkedIn profile


I go in lots of depth and details on all the opportunities I’ve had to help as many people struggling to get pregnant, and still do.  

Just the same as I'll help you too!


I’m a fertility patient

From having had anabortion of a 9 week fetus that would have been a beautiful curly haired girl, who’s spirit comforted me in knowing it wasn’t the right time to have her and eventually saving my life,


to trying to get pregnant many times in my life, all unsuccessfully and now, consistently still trying for years, without success.


I’ve done it all and still doing it.


From trying naturally when I was fertile, to going into peri-menopause at 30, on hormonal replacement therapy as my body thought I was 55, and back to trying again.


Lost hope and found hope again.


Went through a whirlwind of emotions and states, from being depressed to finding peace and everything in between. I ate loads of pineapples and wore orange tops. Seen medical doctors and holistic alternative therapists.


All worked really well, helped me find many answers.


What I found worked the best though, and the conclusion I came to, was that listening to the divine and following the bread crumbs of divine action steps from my own messages always led me in the right direction.


I actually had more success listening to the divine than all the other methods combined, sometimes they were even leading me against the advice of doctors, friends, society.


I found not only what the general purpose of life is, but I also discovered what my own personal unique purpose is, in my lifetime, why I am here, on this planet, what I need to do and exactly how to do it.


Knowing this and following it gives me a sense of direction, achievement, makes me feel inner calm, trust and peace … something that all the other scientific paths I’ve followed didn’t give me.

Allow me to help you find hope again.

Infertility support & meditations
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


I’m a child prodigy & divine fertility messages oracle

I used to channel messages for people since I was a child.


I would tell them things that naturally came to me and all those things came true in their lives.


See ... I live in a world that is different than the way others perceive it. I am blessed to have, what society nowadays calls, Autism and ADHD.


I always felt the world didn't understand me.


I had, and still have, trouble connecting and relating with those around me. Since I was a child, with my mom’s encouragement, I continued imparting individual divine messages & ancestral knowledge to anyone who was ready to listen.

This knowledge is given to me through my dreams. These are dreams I receive either during my sleep, or during the day, specifically when I space out and having a clear intention on a message at the back of my head.


I’ve also lived in many countries over my life, Romania, Canada, England, Libya, and visited most of the world. This allowed me to experience a diverse cultural variety of people, all which helped me understand each person individually.

Now, my life is a consistent and constant living meditation, where my channel is always opened & available for you.

I appreciate the uniqueness of your own journey.

I help you overcome your spiritual blocks that are preventing you from getting pregnant.


I am a distance soul & energy healer

I’ve practiced Qi Gong, Sahaja Yoga, mindfulness, spiritual, transcendental, multi-dimensional, mantras, love-kindness and other meditation techniques since I was a little girl.

I am your Modern Woman Shaman Healer


I am certified in:

Theta Healing

Advanced Clearing Energetics

Magnified Healing



I also practice a Meta Medicine mentality to healing daily.

This is the newest scientific & metaphysical method. It focuses on knowing that physical illness and dis-ease is caused by spiritual misalignment from your true purpose in life.

The more aligned you are with your soul's calling, the less physical issues you have.

The good thing is though, that physical ailments directly correlate to a specific spiritual purpose you are meant to birth, be that being a parent or birth something in life.


All of the above are the truth systems you already know and practice deep within yourself. Through distance healing, my shamanic and white witch abilities, I can help you get in touch with them again, release the physical energetic block and receive the hidden message from it.

This always works.

You can feel the lightness in your body after healing is done.


During my reading for you, I may offer to give you healing, if divine moves me. And remember, I deeply respect you, I won’t do any healing without your express permission.  

It's YOUR time to heal those wounds, let them go, allow your TRUE journey to come through and liberate yourself.

Divine Healing Divine Wisdom Fertility Messages


I’m a soulful fertility wellness coach

If you are struggling to get pregnant, I help you navigate your soul's path & divine life purpose through your journey of having a baby, finding a new normal and new identity for yourself, whilst helping you actually get pregnant and starting your family, without feeling such an intense emotional roller coaster, often leaving you beat & lost in the process.

I counsel with the divine. I'm a guide and mentor. I teach and coach you channeling divine soulful guidance - from your soul.

For the past 35 years, I’ve guided many women, men and couples of many kinds into birthing themselves and their fertility.


I gather and pull knowledge from all the messages I’ve had for everyone over the years. I have a lifetime of experience, helping others resolve their pain.

I'm certified in:

NLP Master Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist & Coach

Instructor of Hypnotherapy

Time Line TherapyTM Practitioner

I'm a powerhouse! I use that experience, together with knowledge given to me through thin inter-dimensional veils and divine universe portals, to now help you.


I am 100% committed to you and I know you are 100% committed to yourself as well. You want this to happen, you want to know your true purpose, birth your fertility.


Together,  through collaborative labour, a beautiful back and forth amalgamy of creation and realisation, we will help bloom and flourish you. Looking at the past, I’m still in awe and humbly amazed with every practical and achieved desired outcome, from every person and couple I've helped, results we’ve co-created together, leaving you feeling



joyful & happy.  

Let's help your soul and the soul of your baby connect together, and navigate your paths together, for you can finally enrich your fertility beyond your wildest dreams.

Divine Wisdom Fertility Messages

Get to know me better - on youtube (FREE)

I record channelled fertility messages for today, showing a bit more of my life, so you can get to know me. These are excerpts from my YouTube channel. 


These are short videos, depicting my joyful, rainbows & butterflies self. 


Divine Fertility Tertiary Rise.png

Channelled Messages - Get to know me

Channelled Messages - Get to know me

Channelled Messages - Get to know me
What’s that something you absolutely love that calms you down? #loveyourself

What’s that something you absolutely love that calms you down? #loveyourself

Play Video
Admire and rejoice with what was, be in gratitude of what is ❤️ #seetheworld

Admire and rejoice with what was, be in gratitude of what is ❤️ #seetheworld

Play Video
You gotta do what you gotta do. Embrace the journey #earlymenopause #itsokay

You gotta do what you gotta do. Embrace the journey #earlymenopause #itsokay

Play Video
A super BIG goal - how to get there AND enjoy it #youcandothis

A super BIG goal - how to get there AND enjoy it #youcandothis

Play Video

All this experience helps me compress 1 years worth of coaching into 2 hour of channeled messages for you. You don’t have to spend thousands to get everything you need in one years time. Instead, now, it’s a small amount ... for the same change in your life, and more.


It’s priceless. 

So yeaH… I really really understand yoU… 

I feel we’re on the same journey together, side by side, each on our own different timelines, on our journey in this life. I know everything you’re going through as I’ve gone through it myself as well.

Where science meets divinity, I have the





This is why I am here! To support you as a close friend, confidant, sister in arms. To love you, to guide you, to be there with you, hand in hand. My goal is to make your journey one without so much suffering and unknown, but one that’s clear and that feels good, one that yields miracles every single day … one that works! 


I care about you. We’re in this together. We support each other.

 It’s just me and you! 

Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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