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What is it & how it works? 

Dissolves karmic energetic blocks in your body.

Releases stuck, old patterns you hold within,

you no longer need.

Healing done for 30 min - 1 hour

24 hour turnaround time

I will record 10 min audio with findings

You will receive the recording by email

(NOT in-person)


5. Absent Reading_60min.png

What you need to do

Relax, be still, be mindful. Feel your body, feel your mind, feel your soul.


All you need to do is be energetically opened and pay attention to what you are feeling. If it helps you sit in meditation for this, please do so. If it helps you to go about your day and simply keep awareness at the back of your head and reflect on how your day went at a later time, this is okay too.


Healing flows more smoothly when you are

aware & energetically opened

 happy to receive

For more information on techniques I use and my qualifications

visit my page, About Olivia

The healing I do is extremely potent, powerful & very precise.

It helps open doors you didn't know you had.


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