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What is it & how it works? 

Discover your soul's path & divine life purpose.

Through your journey of starting a family, you may feel beat & lost, a true emotional roller coaster.

This discovery call will help you find yourself again, move into your new normal, re-discover your identity and be confident in your future without feeling like all is lost.

You will receive the recording by email

(In-Person / Zoom)


(paid in full, no refunds)

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What is it & how it works? 

What is it & how it works? 

What is it & how it works? 

Embed the awe inspiring truths from your 1st reading.


To begin understanding & manifesting change, it's my privilege and honour to coach you.

Spiritual or fertility, I'm here for you.

1 absent reading

1st session - planning

6 coaching sessions

Daily chat support on WhatsApp

Total: 8 appointments

You will receive the recordings by email

(In-Person / Zoom)


(paid in full, no refunds)

Change your chemistry, biology and DNA towards the life you want, heal your past with even deeper & faster results, helping you embed your soul's channelled messages and finally making all your dreams come true.

Spiritual or fertility, I'm here for you.

Connect with the soul of your baby and help them navigate manifesting their physical presence in this lifetime, in your arms.

1st session - planning

2 in-person readings (at beginning & half-way)

9 coaching sessions (2 per month)

Daily chat support on WhatsApp

Total: 12 appointments

You will receive the recordings by email

(In-Person / Zoom)


(2 pmts of £2,500 - 1st at start, 2nd half-way before reading, no refunds)

Receiving help from a fertility clinic and doing IVF treatments can take a long time & it's mostly accompanied by an emotional roller coaster, anxieties and lots of stress.


The closer you get to your treatment, the more stuff comes out of your Pandora's box and can feel overwhelming and plainly like you're going crazy. 


As your divine spiritual fertility coach, I will guide you through it, helping you understand yourself, your soul's journey throughout, whilst feeling peace & calm throughout.

1st session - planning

4 in-person readings (at beginning & every 3 months)

2 review sessions (half-way & at end)

17 coaching sessions (2 per month)

Daily chat support on WhatsApp

Total: 24 appointments

You will receive the recordings by email

(In-Person / Zoom)


(4 pmts of £2,500 - quarterly, no refunds)

What is it & how it works? 

If you need extra support and you feel guided to have an extra session, I will drop everything and help you.


Emotional support is available between sessions via WhatsApp written + voice notes, however if you need more condensed time, please feel free to book it here, any time. 

You will receive the recording by email

(In-person / Zoom)


(paid in full, no refunds)

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What is coaching and how does it work? 

This is 1-on-1 personalised divine (spiritual) wellness & fertility coaching. Coaching helps not only embed the amazing 'aha' moments you've had in your reading, but also help manifest them a lot faster and more easily than you would otherwise do it on your own. 

First of all, you're not alone. It's normal to feel embarrassed, maybe even ashamed. You most likely feel alone, isolated and most definitely confused. You find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, with more questions than answers, spinning around in circles, not having a clear mind. This is all normal and expected.

In our solutions-focused coaching, I will empower you with tools and strategies that help you break bad habits, interrupt unconscious negative & self-sabotaging patterns and embed new, healthy and proactive ways that give you the best chance of conceiving and getting pregnant. 

Here are some of the things you should expect from our coaching together: 

- Consistent emotional support, having a safe space to share your emotions​

- Mind-body connection, learning to reconnect them, through mindfulness and meditation

- Spiritual guidance, exploring spiritual beliefs & practices to find comfort, hope, resilience

- Lifestyle & nutrition, offering guidance on diet, exercise & positive changes

- Alternative therapies & healing, supporting fertility with unblocking energetics & healing

- Holistic approach, encouraging harmony between physical, emotional, spiritual self

- Fertility education, helping navigate through your treatment, options and resources

- Community & support, facilitating connections with support groups

- Stress reduction techniques, helping manage anxieties and tension

- Rituals & ceremonies, creating personalised rituals to mark significant milestones

- Energy healing, balancing & harmonising body's energies for fertility optimisation 

- Connection with the divine, reinforcing spiritual practices, prayer, faith, hope 

Other support that is profoundly life changing:

- Finding out the spiritual reason why you're not getting pregnant & healing the past

- Re-discover your new identity & new normal without feeling beat up & lost

- Navigating your soul's path & divine life purpose through the emotional roller coaster

- Understanding your deeper meaning of life & your purpose of being on the planet, now

- Safely and effortlessly forgive yourself & others who have hurt you before

- Letting go of resentment, frustrations, anger, sadness, fear and other emotions 

- Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering learnings & decisions you now know

- Overcoming spiritual blocks that are physically preventing you from getting pregnant

- Knowing nothing is wrong with you, you were right all along, your emotions are valid

- Knowing you are healthy, strong and a powerful manifester & creator of your own life

- Focusing on the outcomes, creating a compelling future and willing it to happen

- Having a much easier journey through your IVF cycle than you are now

- Replacing anxieties, frustrations, uncertainties with confidence, foundation, knowing you can depend on yourself, balanced, harmonious, grounded, ready to take on anything that comes your way

- Allowing yourself to get a grasp on a clear mindset, taking steps towards your future

I encourage you to be yourself, let it all out, share all your secrets, pains, most hidden thoughts. There is no judgment, only love, kindness, the best of intentions and rooting for you to surpass beyond your challenges and achieve your goals, outcomes & your dream. 

My job is to help you find hope, reconnect with your spiritual truth systems, and navigate the path to parenthood with a sense of purpose and inner peace. 

Your sessions will be a surprise, always something different, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, resolution and action, in just one hour, every time.


Like Ana said in the testimonial below, having a coaching session with me is like having a one year long talk-therapy condensed in one hour. How amazing is that!  

If you want to know my amazing coaching qualifications, check the About Olivia page.

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There was a point in my life where I accepted I wouldn’t have a baby.


Olivia helped me break through that, through all the limiting beliefs I had. Within 3 months of her channelling messages, the true love of my life came back, and I immediately got pregnant.


Olivia helped me get there, let her help you - Olivia is someone who inspired and helped open me up to love. I’ve gone through every phase a woman can go through over 10 years and Olivia was there for me, 100% of the time, all of it, with absolute trust, give and take, complete fairness.


When I met Olivia, I was very closed off, I didn’t see people for all the best in them, even though sometimes I still don’t, Olivia does.


Olivia is a healer, she’s intuitive, she always knew when something was wrong, she was always honest with me, she feels something, she sees something, she hears something, doesn’t matter what it is.


Olivia is everyone’s biggest fan!


She’s there to help, no matter what. Even if I didn’t want to talk, she kept channelling for me, I kept having breakthroughs anyway, she can be persistent like that.


And even then, she’s so kind and comes from a place of love and good, I don’t have a bad word to say about Olivia. She’s there for you, good times, bad times, she’s there for you, more than you are for yourself.


She’s someone you definitely want in your corner.

Divine Fertility Testimonials

Coaching via Walk & Talks - on youtube (FREE)

Enjoy live testimonials from friends & clients from my YouTube channel.

These videos are literally pure transformation in its finest. 

Surprising truths you didn't know about fertility and beyond.


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Walk & Talk with Olivia (and friends)

Walk & Talk with Olivia (and friends)

Walk & Talk with Olivia (and friends)
Your journey to divine embodiment

Your journey to divine embodiment

Play Video
I am not perfect

I am not perfect

Play Video
She said it!! Divine spirituality and its presence around us is the best conclusion I can have

She said it!! Divine spirituality and its presence around us is the best conclusion I can have

Play Video
Is your reality true?

Is your reality true?

Play Video


This is the beautiful soul that did the last step in helping us get pregnant... the turkey baster handler (laughing)


In all seriousness I had such an amazing experience with her at that moment. I went with the intentions of holding two babies at the end of 9 months and she came in with her intentions and told me everything will work out.


I can't say enough about all the ladies that helped us out...blessing to all of you.

Olivia, I didn't just give you the name sunshine for no reason...


You are a beam so bright you help others, maybe without knowing.


Your energy is off the chart as they say.

Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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