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What is it & how it works? 

Dissolves karmic energetic blocks in your body.

Releases stuck, old patterns you hold within,

you no longer need.

Healing done for 30 min - 1 hour

24 hour turnaround time

I will record 10 min audio with findings

You will receive the recording by email

(NOT in-person)


What you need to do

The distance healing I do lasts a lifetime.

I am already looking forward to doing distance healing for you.

Feel all the goodness that comes from your healing.


I’ve practiced Qi Gong, Sahaja Yoga, mindfulness, spiritual, transcendental, multi-dimensional, mantras, love-kindness and other meditation techniques since I was a little girl.


I am certified in Theta Healing, Advanced Clearing Energetics and Magnified Healing.


I also practice a Meta Medicine mentality to healing daily. This is the newest scientific and metaphysical method that exists out there. It focuses on knowing that physical illness and dis-ease is caused by spiritual misalignment from your true purpose in life.


The more aligned you are to your soul's calling, the less physical issues you have.


The good thing is though, that physical ailments directly correlate to a specific spiritual purpose you are meant to birth, be that being a parent or birth something in life.


All of the above are the truth systems you already know and practice deep within yourself.


Through distance healing, my shamanic and white witch abilities, I can help you get in touch with them again, release the karmic physical energetic blocks and be in flow again.


You can feel the lightness in your body after healing is done.

Healing flows more smoothly when you are

aware & energetically opened

 happy to receive


All you need to do is be energetically opened and pay attention to what you are feeling.


If it helps you sit in meditation for this, please do so. If it helps you to go about your day and simply keep awareness at the back of your head and reflect on how your day went at a later time, this is okay too. 


The distance healing I am doing lasts a lifetime.


It is very powerful, potent & very precise.

It helps open doors you didn't know you had available.


Relax, be still, be mindful.

Feel your body, feel your mind, feel your soul.




What is it & how it works? 

10 Home Healing.png

Match your true fertility vibration with your home.

Energetically deep cleanse your space & yourself.

Set new intentions in, for yourself and your family. 

Allow the space to make your fertility happen.

1 & 2 bed apartments / house- £250

5 bed houses with yards - up to £3,000

Mansions, offices, farms - ask for quote

Receive consult fee back upon booking.

You will receive the recording of the event by email

(In-person / Zoom)

£100 - consultation

What you need to do

Struggling to sell your house? 

Struggling to settle into your new home? 

Struggling to manifest your fertility into your home?

I can help energetically cleanse your space, room by room, together with the whole. You'll sell faster and be ready to move on to your new future and I'll also help you settle yourself in your new home. Cleanse the old, bringing in the new. 

You are a new person now.

You deserve your new shiny polished self to vibrationally match with the space you live in. Your family will feel safer, your future will manifest better and your dreams will come true. 

I use shamanic medicine & herbs to cleanse the space, set new intentions in and help match all realms with your vibration level, consciously and subconsciously. 

You'll attract only what you need.

Can't wait to see you! 

Jack Cleeve, LIFE-ALIGNED Chiropractic.jpeg

Dr. Jack Cleeve

LIFE:ALIGNED Chiropractic

I'm thrilled to share my incredible experience with Olivia, who used copal to clear any negative energy from my Chiropractic clinic in order to improve the healing environment for patients and help them to thrive under our care. 

Olivia’s remarkable abilities and the power of copal brought an immediate sense of tranquility and positivity to the space. Not only did she spend a lot of time paying attention to every nook and cranny within the clinic, she guided me through numerous exercises to put positive energy back into the space and ground myself in there - ensuring that I am able to deliver the best care possible for my patients. 


Since the clearing, the clinic's atmosphere has been remarkably rejuvenated, promoting healing and balance for both patients and practitioners. 


Olivia’s expertise is truly transformative, and I'm deeply grateful for her remarkable contribution to our clinic's environment.


Thank you Olivia!

Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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