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What is it & how it works? 

Demystify your personal perceived infertility concepts, detoxify notions you’ve been led to believe, hear the truth behind why you created being infertile in the first place and reset & restart your true fertility journey.  

2 hours

You will receive the recording by email

(in-person/zoom online)


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Divine fertility is all about being a vibration match with your fertility journey.


Just like you need financial advisors, tax specialists and accountants to help you break through invisible glass ceilings in your financial wealth, and helping your financial health expand & flourish, it’s the same as needing a divine fertility specialist, alongside doctors, nurses, counsellors & therapists, to help safely shatter that spiritual glass ceiling, break down limiting misguided beliefs, stop you from bumping against yourself and finally rebuild yourself & embed your true soul code into your future, helping your fertility expand & flourish in an easy and effortless way forward.  


Being infertile is a complex unconscious karmic healing process. Meaning it happens without your conscious awareness. Deep trauma is physically held in our bodies, hence manifesting the perception of infertility. When we become aware of it and decide to shift it, healing starts moving exponentially. 


Deep inner work and continuous self-reflection and self-awareness is tremendously helpful to allow more and more layers of trauma to continue pealing off and for fertility to start rising and physically actualising in your life. 


Your voice has a specific vibration, frequency and intonation that is unique to you. I’m a child prodigy and have been doing readings since 6 years old, I have a an auditory eye of, a radar that is tuned to the geometry coding that is imbedded in your voice and the words you choose, helping me pick out various nuances in your voice patterns. Having Aspergers helps me pin point and unlock karmic lessons physically carried inside you. These come from previous lives or timelines, family bloodlines and generations, society, and more. 


I decode, declutter and translate all that. I then relay the messages to you. Before our reading, I will tune in and connect with your higher self & soul. This may feel a little disorienting. During our reading, my radar and channel is on. I pick up the most important lessons your soul desperately desires in this moment. My body and voice are used as a vessel, where I, Olivia, am put to the side and your higher self, soul and the divine come through me, to you. 


Simply relaying the messages to you and you simply listening to them already creates actual physical change in your chemistry, biology and DNA. You will naturally notice your life changing around you, without much of your involvement in it. 


These changes, towards a life that makes more sense, feel complete and like home. You can choose to get involved and act on the steps your soul and the divine guide you to know and you’ll go through these positive changes with self-awareness and self-involvement. 


You’ll feel like you’re an active participant, actually making things happen, feeling confidence and proud that you are finally living the life you want, for you … not for other people, not for your family, not for society … but for you. 


How great does that feel!  

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We’re pregnant!!!


My focus was in the wrong direction! Without knowing what else to do, already overwhelmed, just knowing I needed help, I had a reading with Olivia. I didn’t realise I needed to focus on me and my spiritual growth instead of our fertility journey. I received simple yet profound action steps and massive awakening revelations that made sense. Within 3 months, we were pregnant and I am feeling more alert, present, conscious, calm, relaxed and alive. You really get more than two birds with one stone with such a powerful channel that Olivia provides. I consider myself very lucky.

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Fertility Channelled Messages - on youtube (FREE)

Enjoy a few divinely guided fertility messages from my YouTube channel.

These are 1-3 minute videos with some surprising truths you didn't know about fertility.


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Fertility Specific Messages (IVF)

Fertility Specific Messages (IVF)

Fertility Specific Messages (IVF)
Just let go … #noguilt #noshame #embrace #itsnotyourfault #letgo

Just let go … #noguilt #noshame #embrace #itsnotyourfault #letgo

Play Video
What if everything is meant to happen as it’s supposed to?

What if everything is meant to happen as it’s supposed to?

Play Video
Trust your intuition! Go for it! I’ve got your back 🤗 #stopholdingback

Trust your intuition! Go for it! I’ve got your back 🤗 #stopholdingback

Play Video
Visualise nourishing & balance 🥗 #emotionalharmony

Visualise nourishing & balance 🥗 #emotionalharmony

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Divine Fertility Messages Testimonial Emily


I never would have classed myself as a spiritual person.

But in getting to know Olivia ... she has shared a new world with me.


Alongside being fantastic to work with, she provides insight daily that can sprinkle positivity across your day, like the rainbow she truly is.

Being young I’ve often felt like discussing fertility can be tricky as sometimes people don’t see past my age and don’t understand what I have gone through or how I feel, however, Olivia has provided a safe space for me to explore my feelings and most importantly work through them so regardless of the fertility challenges I can be the best version of myself possible.

At times the spiritual messages and divine channeling may not make sense, however, I would urge anyone to trust in Olivia’s love and passion for this art and allow themselves to be guided on a journey being positive and true to yourself.

Emily Hockham Image.jpeg


It's my privilege and honour to speak with you, connect our energies and souls together to help figure this out together. I'm truly humbled by your journey, here to help and just wanted to say, you are awesome, amazing, courageous beyond words.

Keep going! Never give up! 

When you feel you're at your breaking point

The answer is literally just around the corner!

See you on the other side! 

PS - I'm also a Divine (Spiritual) Fertility Coach

(for my coaching services, see the 'Coaching' tab)

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Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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