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Frequently Asked Questions 


I heard Olivia has a unique way of channelling messages.


How does she channel?

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Olivia is a registered nurse, an autistic psychic medium and a distance healer specialising in fertility. Her pure channel of divine messages started at the age of 6, a child prodigy with an astute eye for knowing purpose on the Earth plane.


A simple 60 minute reading with Olivia helps demystify your personal perceived infertility concepts, detoxify notions you’ve been led to believe, hear the truth behind why you created being infertile in the first place and restarting & resetting your true fertility journey.


Olivia specialises in decoding the complex unconscious karmic imprints that have been embedded in your physical being, through generational and societal trauma. Your voice has a specific vibration, frequency and intonation that is unique to you.


Olivia tunes in your auditory energy, pulling apart the geometry of your words, unlocking karmic lessons physically encoded inside of you. She then reveals these messages to you, using your soul’s code frequency, penetrating through your chemistry, biology and DNA, helping you, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously start thriving, having the life you’ve always wanted.

Clayton, Olivia's beloved and amazing husband also does absolutely out of this world readings. He does them differently than Olivia does. Clayton's readings are full of congruent mysticism, full of awe and seriously life transforming. He also has a members area with meditations, special readings & coaching. You can check him out here

And back to Olivia, the readings she gives are so uniquely different, intriguing and sometimes shocking with awe, everyone gets happy and excited, wanting to know more. Most say it’s the first time they’re hearing such truth, radically different than what they know and believe. It’s uplifting, inspiring, and most of all accepting of who you are and better yet, encouraging of bringing more of you in the world.

How does she Channel?

A reading with Olivia consists of uniquely divinely channelled messages for you.


After clicking on ‘book a reading’, you’ll be led to a payment page. After payment is completed, you’ll get an email that leads you to Olivia’s calendar. You can book any week that suits best for you.


Step 1 - You’ll record a 30 minutes voice message that you will send to Olivia by email.

     If you have an iPhone, use ‘voice memos’.

     If you have an Android, use ‘sound recorder’.

Please send your recording to Olivia at


Step 2 - Olivia will listen to your recording and channel all the important messages you need to hear now. She'll then record her findings in a 60 minute reading. She’ll send this recording back to you, by email, within three days. You will have to download the reading, as it expires in 30 days. Olivia will erase your recording on her end as well, so if it’s passed 30 days, the recording is now gone and unavailable anymore. Remember to download it.

So how does it work?


What happens when I book a reading?

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How does it work?
Why record?

Why do I need to make a recording for my reading?

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When you record and hear yourself speak, your thoughts re-mould themselves in your brain. You are unravelling and rewiring your own neurology and loosening up your model of the world. You start doubting and questioning your own rules around your own way of being. 

You start hearing yourself and start getting your own 'aha' moments and answers to your own dilemmas. 

You attest and admit deep seated things within yourself, you wouldn't otherwise admit out loud, to anyone. It may even be the first time you're ever admitting it out loud. There is deep healing, just in that.


A question well defined is a question already half answered. Hearing yourself speak gives you the answers just by simply stating the concern. The more you talk, the more you start making sense of what your specific concern is - dialling down from huge chaos, to pin pointed 1 or 2 actual concerns that need clarifying. This means you've already answered 10 questions you didn't even know you had into 1 or 2 main ones. And all this started happening the moment you pressed 'record'. 

It takes courage to admit things to yourself. You're journalling in an audio form, it's like talking to yourself, but in a more organised fashion. You are releasing energies, shifting healing patterns and starting to transmute karma exponentially. 

It's like having a stone come off your chest, where more clarity sets in and a more clear mind emerges.  

What talk about?

Talk about what you think most of the time. 

Usually, when you think of a problem and you're in search for a solution, you think about it, toss and turn with it, and eventually you find a solution. You then move forward and stop thinking about it. 

But there are those times when you think about it and think about it, and no solution comes. It feels as if you're digging a deeper hole without resolution in sight. You then start spinning, questioning everything and it only gets worse. 

This is the topic to talk about. 

Start talking about what you've done about it in the past, what's worked, what hasn't, what you planned to do differently, have you already tried anything else, so on and so forth. 

Also talk about what you feel you need from Olivia, how can she help you move forward, what's the dream you dream about, the future you want to have, what's in the way, what's been stopping you from getting what you want. 

What do you think is going on? What do you feel you should do next? 

How can Olivia help you? 

What should I talk about in my recording?

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What if I have questions?

What happens after my reading and What if I have questions?

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What happens after your reading? 

Olivia’s readings are very complex and can feel like it’s a lot, some of it won’t even make sense. They’re meant to be that way.


The language Olivia uses takes the conscious mind out of the way and helps the subconscious / unconscious mind get all the nutrition it needs to help unresolved trauma heal from deep within.


After you listen to the reading for the first time, you may feel confused, agitated, frustrated or even angry. This is good! This means energy is starting to shift. Confusion and frustration are the best states to be in, as it only means that change and growth are next. Puzzle pieces are coming together, all in the right direction. Observe the feelings, stay unattached to them. Sometimes a firm kick in the butt is a good step forward. Plus, divine never gives you anything that you cannot handle, so you got this!


Next, stay with the feelings, keep moving forward and listen to the reading again, 1 month after and again 2 months after. This time you’ll get more out of the messages. They will, on some level, make more sense and land better. You’ll hear nuances you haven’t heard the first time around. Listening the second time will add feelings of clarity, curiosity, desire to move forward and do something. This is good! Energy is moving more, shifting more. Listen a third time (and more). As you will carry on doing the exercises and the action steps, things will start falling into place. You will gradually feel love, joy, happiness, accomplishment, realisation, more and more ‘aha’ moments.


Fall asleep while playing the reading as well. The conscious mind is out of the way and the messages will go in even deeper, always helping you in the right direction. It’s all divinely guided and it’s all actually really good. It always ends up well. You always end up on track.


Olivia is here to support you, guide you, you are on the right direction. She’s got you, and you got this!

What if you have questions? 

The email containing your reading has a button called ‘book follow-up’. Clicking this button gives you the opportunity to ask questions. This opportunity is only available for 7 days, as the energies are still fresh during this time. You cannot book a follow-up reading after 7 days. When you click on the ‘book follow-up’, you’ll be taken to a payment page. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email that gives you the go-ahead to send your recording including your questions. You won’t need to book into Olivia’s calendar for this. 

Please record a 10 minute recording, referring back to Olivia’s answers and ask your questions. Do this recording straight away, as it’s fresh in your mind. Remember, these questions need to be directly related to your reading and are meant to solely help clarify something Olivia said. These questions are not regarding something new - that’s a new reading altogether.

You can record your questions via the same methods explained in the previous question. Once you send Olivia the recording, Olivia will take time to listen to it and send you an up-to 30 minute recording back, answering your questions. She will most likely channel new and more detailed messages. She will then send you this recording back, by email, within three days. Remember to download it as it is only available for 30 days, after which point, it expires and you will no longer have access to it. 

My body is stuck

Olivia is trained and certified in many distance healing techniques, together with her own methods, pulling from different dimensions, lifetimes, lifelines, connecting with other planes, layers of divine energy, the universe, the divine. If she is feeling guided to send you some healing, or help move specific energies within you that would benefit you, she will let you know, by email.

When she emails your reading, you will see a ‘heal me’ button. Olivia prefers you to do your own inner work, so not everyone gets this opportunity. Olivia knows that reflecting on the messages she sends you, helps you come to your own conclusions in a way that acknowledges you in a deeper way, with deeper meaning. However if Olivia feels your physical health needs more support and addressing it will help you be more clear minded, with the ability to have an even deeper understanding of the messages, she will offer this to you. Click on the ‘heal me’ button. This will lead you to a payment page. After payment has been received, Olivia will be notified of this.


The healing session will happen over a three day period from receiving your payment. Olivia will take her time and heal whatever is needed within you over this time period. She will then record a 10 minute recording, explaining her findings and what she has cleared. There is no need to book a date and time in the calendar for this. You will receive the 10 minute recording in three days time. During this time, Olivia requests you be energetically opened and pay attention to what you are feeling. If it helps you sit in meditation for this, please do so. If it helps you to go about your day and simply keep awareness at the back of your head and reflect on how your day went at a later time, this is okay too. Healing flows more smoothly when you are aware, energetically opened and happy to receive it.

I feel my body is physically stuck and need some healing,

how do I book that?

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How long until another reading?

How long do I need to wait until I can have another reading?        

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You need to wait a minimum of 3 months until you can have another reading. New habits form in many days, new neuropathways settle after you repeat new behaviour over and over. You need to allow time for reflection, new decisions, new actions to take place.


You need to sit with your new self. It’s important to become more and more familiar with you. Self-awareness is key here. 3 months after the reading, you start having a feeling like you are more settled, less uncomfortable and more at ease, … sometimes even boring.


You’ll start having questions about the present, what to do differently, how the future will be now. These are new questions you haven’t had in the past 3 months. When these kinds of questions come in, you are ready for a new reading. 


At the same time, keep in mind to check-in with yourself, you may still need more time to do some more inner work. If, however, you feel more peaceful than you did in the past 3 months and can take a deep breath, when you have that inner smile and when you hear yourself say


‘I’m ready’ … well then, Olivia is here for you, 100% arms opened. Book your next reading.

Do I need to say my name?

You don’t need to say your name if you don’t want to. Since Olivia focuses on your voice and choice of words alone, it’s not necessary to leave your name. Ancestral channelled messages unlock from inside the frequency of your voice. The messages come through regardless whether you leave your name or not. The messages are just as powerful even if Olivia doesn’t have your name.

Also, this is why Olivia invites you to subscribe to her newsletter / blog updates by adding only your email, no name needed. 


So it’s up to you. It all depends on how you want your experience to be.


Olivia inspires you to be yourself. It doesn’t matter how you feel or show up in the moment.


You are okay. Olivia loves you regardless of how you show up, as she sees the soul inside you, not the social conditioning that has been instilled in you. She helps you remember who you are, pure, to the core of your soul, beautiful and radiant, always.

Can i remain anonymous?

I’m sharing sensitive information, I’m not comfortable. 

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Does olivia offer coaching?

I’ve heard Olivia offers coaching.


Is this true?

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Yes, Olivia does offer coaching. This is 1-on-1 personalised spiritual wellness coaching. Even though Olivia specialises in readings, she offers coaching, but only to certain people. She is very particular with who she works with. Olivia prefers to have a reading for you first. And if you’re considering coaching, keep in mind, she only does 2 coaching sessions per month. This is a very exclusive opportunity. You need to be vetted in order to have a coaching session with Olivia.

This is a 1 hour session, over Zoom, using audio only. Since Olivia is high on the autistic spectrum, she is opened energetically and relies heavily on listening, sometimes with her eyes closed, or looking away intensely, to help channel messages or offer support while listening to you. Having video on is a distraction that hinders the method of delivery of the channelled messages. She channels from sound and voice imprints only.


Olivia encourages you to be yourself, find your hidden genius and express it accordingly. Her genius is auditory channelled messages. Olivia is loving, kind, has the best intentions for everyone and only wants you to experience the best of you. If you are not ok with having an audio only coaching call, Olivia is not your coach.


If you do, you’ll be in for a surprise, as you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, resolution and action, in just one hour. Having a coaching session with Olivia is like having a one year long talk-therapy condensed in one hour.  If this is for you, go for it!

How does coaching work?

As explained above, Olivia does only 2 coaching sessions per month and she doesn’t do them with everyone. She is particular about who she has a session with. If you’ve had a reading with Olivia before and are interested in coaching, please email her on the ‘contact me’ form. Please mention you are interested in booking a coaching session. And remember, you don't need to enter your name if you're not comfortable.


Olivia will reply back to your email and let you know if she’s opened for coaching, if she’ll coach you specifically. If you are ready for a coaching session, there will be a button ‘book coaching session’ in the email she will send you. Once you click on this button, you will be taken to a payment page. After payment is complete, you’ll be taken to Olivia’s calendar and you can book a session in one of the dates and times available.

Three days before the session, you will receive an email reminder. During this time, Olivia will connect with you energetically, to help you have the best outcome for this session. You may feel differently than your usual. This is normal and expected. Please allow any feelings to flow through you, they will be more evident than other times.

The session will take place over Zoom. Please download Zoom to your phone, ipad or desktop and do a test run of the session, to help avoid any issues with technology. High vibration individuals, like yourself and Olivia tend to break and crash technology, so it is often best to do a test-run before hand. Olivia does extra energy work to help keep technology grounded anyway, which will help prevent it crashing. But if it does crash at any point through the session, please just log back in the same Zoom session, and Olivia will do the same. You’ll then resume the session. This happens very often with high vibration individuals, so don’t worry if it does.

This session is recorded. After the session is completed, you will receive the recording by email. Please download it within 30 days, as you won’t have access to it after that, and Olivia doesn’t keep the recordings, as once the recording is 30 days old, it is considered ‘old energy’ that is always good to be decluttered, to help make room for new, fresh energy. Our journeys are always free flowing, always changing. Old energies disperse out, remaining in the past. You are present in the here and the now. It's always best to gather all the lessons and learnings you need now, leave the past behind and leave the future forward. Just be present with yourself, now.   

I’m in!

How does coaching with olivia work?

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What does coaching include?

What does a coaching session include?

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The process of coaching is educative, it includes channelling messages on the spot, clarifying and demystifying thoughts you were led to believe, giving you the time you need to come to conclusions yourself, beautiful aha moments, constructing new concepts and imbedding them in your chemistry, biology and DNA. Revel in joyous new ways, work on them and continue taking action steps towards your goals.


If Olivia feels guided to offer healing, she will mention this to you. This is a separate service, offered off-line and you will receive a separate email for this. Please refer to the previous questions on how this works. Olivia prefers not to give healing live, in person, during the coaching session as distance healing is a private, intimate event, one that Olivia likes to do uninterrupted, in her own time, for maximum efficiency and best results.

The benefit of having coaching sessions with Olivia help turbo charge your progress, with direction. She keeps you accountable, with regular WhatsApp encouragement and accountability. You'll stay on track, even despite yourself, and especially in moments when you want to give up. 

Olivia is amazing at holding space for you. You will feel as if you're floating towards your success, every step of the way, guided and held.


You will feel invincible. 

Coaching - How often?

Coaching sessions happen as often as you’d like. You can even have back-to-back sessions and do 2 sessions in one go if you prefer. These do offer a more in-depth understanding with greater details and more aha moments, but it’s up to you how often you want these sessions to be.


Sometimes Olivia wants you to wait before having another coaching session. If this is the case, she will mention this to you. This most likely means that you will need more time to focus on one change at a time before moving on to the next. This is always good news, as you have the opportunity to reflect on that one change, with deeper meaning. You can give yourself the space you need to help embed the learnings you are getting from it and reflect on your new behaviours in your life.

How often can I have a coaching sessions?

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What are the costs?

What are the costs?

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            Divine Fertility Messages Reading - £375

            Follow-up Reading - £125

            Distance Healing - £150

            Personalised Coaching 1-on-1 - £450 per hour (£375 if package deal)

Payment Plans?

Olivia does not offer payment plans.


Here is an explanation for it.


Energy work happens very fast. As an example, think of a pink elephant. Ohhh ... you're thinking about it! How long did that take? Less than a second. As you noticed, thought comes to your head in an instant, just like manifesting anything as well. 

Olivia's method of working starts as soon as you've decided to have a reading. Same as instant payment helps consolidate and propel energy at super fast speeds. Payment plans drag energy, where problems and issues carry on, lagging in being resolved quickly. In these case. solutions don’t embed as swiftly as they could. Payment plans are the equivalent of non-decision and non-commitment. It’s a lot of back and forth, feels heavy and sluggish.

If you decide and commit, you act fast and move fast. Hence, if you decide to have a reading and have the eagerness and inner flame to make a change, you commit and pay the full price. The moment you’ve paid, energy starts flowing. You’ve then given Olivia permission to have access to your energy and the work begins.

Olivia is 100% committed to you and she expects you to be 100% to yourself as well.

Are there payment plans?

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Are there any refunds?

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Once paid and committed, energetic work starts right away, even if Olivia hasn’t listened to your recording yet. You may feel fears, butterflies in your stomach, but remember, you found the courage and booked the reading. You most likely felt more fear kick in after you booked. You may have also felt like you wanted to back out. Well … if you back out now, the fear you originally expressed outwardly starts moving its expression inwardly, in your physical body, creating energetic blockages, prolonging issues that yearn to be resolved. It’s best to go through with it, as Olivia’s work has started anyway.


Remember Olivia works on various different invisible planes, dimensions through which your energetic signature appears. Since energetic work has begun and is being done, you will receive the changes you need, at YOUR right time, regardless whether you feel apprehensive about it or not. Payments are non-refundable. It’s best to commit, embrace your fears and always be present with yourself and your journey.

Why so Expensive?

Committing to change and committing to yourself takes courage.


It takes thinking about it to no-end and deciding over and over whether it’s the right thing for you.


You hear about it from a person or another and take time to ponder and check in with yourself to intuitively know it’s what you want and need. You also know that high value items cost more.


Delivery of impeccable advise is very valuable. You know you want to do the work. The more you pay, the more committed you are to yourself. Thinking about it, you’ve paid so much for it, you’ve now got to do the work, right? Right. Otherwise, you’d be a ‘readings addict’, one that just listens to the reading, forgets it the next day, gossips about it with their friends and doesn’t do the work. You’re not that person


You’re the person that wants to take the action, that wants to see the changes happen in your life, who wants to know that you matter and you’re worthy of amazing advice, you are ready for the truth. You are accepting it with an open mind, an opened heart and an opened energy field.


You are ready to put 100% of it back in yourself.

That’s why it’s so expensive, because it is worth it every penny.

How come Olivia’s sessions are so expensive?

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Why so Inexpensive

How come Olivia’s sessions are so inexpensive?

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This is always a very good question that comes more often than you’d think. Olivia’s channels are so pure, so truthful, so shocking with awe, it’s difficult to believe they are so inexpensive.


When Olivia thought of increasing her prices, she decided against it. She wants to reach as many people as she can, as one of her purposes in this lifetime is to help others find their purpose, their path, their questions answered, their desires fulfilled. Olivia spent some time thinking of answers of how come her sessions are inexpensive.


Here are some of the answers:

  • If you’d like, you can always pay Olivia more. This will enable Olivia to reach out and help more people. When Olivia receives monetary gifts, she likes to offer free readings to those that would really love to have them, are committed to making the changes they need in their lives but simply don’t remember the financial abundance mindset they were born with.

  • If you’d like to pay more, but don’t want to pay Olivia more, you can gift a reading to someone you know. You can either pay Olivia for this reading and give Olivia the contact email for a person you’d like to receive this gift, or you can gift them the finances and they can then book the reading themselves. Sounds like this is the best birthday present to me. 

  • If you’d like to make an environmental change and help empower women globally, you can always donate directly to Tree Sisters, just like Olivia does.

  • If you don’t like any of the above suggestions, please let Olivia know another suggestion you have and together, you’ll find the best solution possible. It’s only going to help both you, Olivia … and the world. 


Olivia donates monthly to Tree Sisters.


If you have a reading with Olivia, you not only help plant a new tree in the world, you also help empower women across the globe!


Olivia also helps people around her, she gives readings and messages to those she feels drawn to.


You never know, you may receive a message from her, unexpectedly, informing you of something you need to know. These are generally messages that help put a smile on your face, help you open and flourish, help you know you are great, you are powerful, wonderful, beautiful.


You are enough and more. You are loved, and more. You are simply amazing … full of rainbows and butterflies, always. These messages always seem to arrive, just at the right time, when you feel most in need of them. It’s just beautiful.

Does Olivia give back to people / the environment?

This is important to me.

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Ready to book a reading?

Booking a reading with me to help demystify your personal perceived infertility concepts, detoxify notions you’ve been led to believe, hear the truth behind why you created being infertile in the first place and restarting & reseting your true fertility journey is very simple. 

Infertility Specialist Divine Fertility Messages
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Want to get the ball rolling before our reading? 

While you’re excitedly waiting, I have a free gift for you! 

The Fertility Manifestation Meditation
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Please read my disclaimer before listening to any of my free meditations.

To download the full meditation please enter your email here

Fertility Specialist Olivia Alexandra Ainger

You are ...

worth knowing the truth 

a magnificent divine being 

perfect in your journey 

cherished every moment 

you are loved

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