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Manifesting Fertility Meditation
Manifesting Fertility Free MeditationOlivia Alexandra Ainger
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Infertility Detox and fertility rejuvenation free meditation
Infertility Detox and fertility rejuvenation free meditation

Manifesting Fertility Meditation

Welcome abundance in your life

This is a gentle meditation, recorded by me, very easy to use:


Helps manifest fertility in any area of your life


With your permission, the frequency of my voice helps the cells in your body to start gearing towards movement and abundance in your life 


Recoded in 432 Hz for best alignment with brain waves to deeply weave in your body, mind and soul


Best success - listen either consciously in a meditative state or when you sleep, as the conscious mind is out of the way and the divine messages go straight in the unconscious mind, helping your dream come true 


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