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This gives you the opportunity to ask questions following your initial reading.


You will be asked to create a 10 minute recording. Do this recording straight away, as it’s fresh in your mind. Remember, these questions need to be directly related to your reading and are meant to solely help clarify something Olivia said. These questions are not regarding something new - that’s a new reading altogether.

You can record your questions via the same methods explained in the previous question. Once you send Olivia the recording, Olivia will take time to listen to it and send you an up-to 30 minute recording back, answering your questions. She will most likely channel new and more detailed messages. She will then send you this recording back, by email, within three days. Remember to download it as it is only available for 30 days, after which point, it expires and you will no longer have access to it. 

Follow-up Reading Questions

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