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Don't take my word for it, hear what these beautiful people have to say about their journey with me


There was a point in my life where I accepted I wouldn’t have a baby.


Olivia helped me break through that, through all the limiting beliefs I had. Within 3 months of her channelling messages, the true love of my life came back, and I immediately got pregnant.


Olivia helped me get there, let her help you - Olivia is someone who inspired and helped open me up to love. I’ve gone through every phase a woman can go through over 10 years and Olivia was there for me, 100% of the time, all of it, with absolute trust, give and take, complete fairness.


When I met Olivia, I was very closed off, I didn’t see people for all the best in them, even though sometimes I still don’t, Olivia does.


Olivia is a healer, she’s intuitive, she always knew when something was wrong, she was always honest with me, she feels something, she sees something, she hears something, doesn’t matter what it is.


Olivia is everyone’s biggest fan!


She’s there to help, no matter what. Even if I didn’t want to talk, she kept channelling for me, I kept having breakthroughs anyway, she can be persistent like that.


And even then, she’s so kind and comes from a place of love and good, I don’t have a bad word to say about Olivia. She’s there for you, good times, bad times, she’s there for you, more than you are for yourself.


She’s someone you definitely want in your corner.

Divine Fertility Testimonials
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We’re pregnant!!!


My focus was in the wrong direction! Without knowing what else to do, already overwhelmed, just knowing I needed help, I had a reading with Olivia. I didn’t realise I needed to focus on me and my spiritual growth instead of our fertility journey. I received simple yet profound action steps and massive awakening revelations that made sense. Within 3 months, we were pregnant and I am feeling more alert, present, conscious, calm, relaxed and alive. You really get more than two birds with one stone with such a powerful channel that Olivia provides. I consider myself very lucky.


I just want to say, Olivia, you are not a ceremonial ‘Elder’ , but  an ‘Avatar Master’. The riches and holographic palimpsest of learning / teaching insight you revealed and imparted is MONUMENTAL. Palimpsest is my fave word ever and I don’t often get to use it, the way I use it is when something like a painting has ancient precious layers upon layers of meaning that reveal themselves over and over, releasing another painting underneath and then another painting or a scripture or writing.


And my gorgeous girl Olivia, in the depths of all of your f*** cosmic universal ninja warrior Aspie (Aspergers) brain genius serious pleiadian giant of a human being. I’m struggling and I’ve got a really great vocabulary, but it’s just staggering. I really want to honour you, I love you so much, the riches and depth of generosity to take the time to listen, to listen twice and to methodically … this is where your Aspie brain beauty comes in, and I love it.


Makes me want to get tested because there are aspects of myself that I’m recognizing in you, but that wonderful gorgeous methodical way that you have, but mostly your joy and curiosity. It’s really really really profoundly beautiful and I feel privileged to be witnessing more and more of it.


I love you so much and the sunshine moments, it’s just … palimpsest, pealing off layers upon layers that reveal another painting and another scripture and another writing. I knew I had to give you this definition because I know English if not your first language and you have an Aspie brain and you like to know specifics.


And the palimpsest, wow, it’s like a hall of mirrors of awakenings and teachings and responses and learnings. I feel so privileged to be on this journey and I love you so much. Your joy is just so infectious. I thank you for your absolute gorgeousness, you magnificent rainbow oracle.

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Jack Cleeve, LIFE-ALIGNED Chiropractic.jpeg

Dr. Jack Cleeve

LIFE:ALIGNED Chiropractic

I'm thrilled to share my incredible experience with Olivia, who used copal to clear any negative energy from my Chiropractic clinic in order to improve the healing environment for patients and help them to thrive under our care. 

Olivia’s remarkable abilities and the power of copal brought an immediate sense of tranquility and positivity to the space. Not only did she spend a lot of time paying attention to every nook and cranny within the clinic, she guided me through numerous exercises to put positive energy back into the space and ground myself in there - ensuring that I am able to deliver the best care possible for my patients. 


Since the clearing, the clinic's atmosphere has been remarkably rejuvenated, promoting healing and balance for both patients and practitioners. 


Olivia’s expertise is truly transformative, and I'm deeply grateful for her remarkable contribution to our clinic's environment.


Thank you Olivia!


I never would have classed myself as a spiritual person.

But in getting to know Olivia ... she has shared a new world with me.


Alongside being fantastic to work with, she provides insight daily that can sprinkle positivity across your day, like the rainbow she truly is.

Being young I’ve often felt like discussing fertility can be tricky as sometimes people don’t see past my age and don’t understand what I have gone through or how I feel, however, Olivia has provided a safe space for me to explore my feelings and most importantly work through them so regardless of the fertility challenges I can be the best version of myself possible.

At times the spiritual messages and divine channeling may not make sense, however, I would urge anyone to trust in Olivia’s love and passion for this art and allow themselves to be guided on a journey being positive and true to yourself.

Emily Hockham Image.jpeg
Divine Fertility Messages Testimonial Princess


Something was constantly on my mind and I didn’t know where to turn. I knew Olivia always expressed divine energy.


So I decided to ask her one simple question without telling her anything else. The answers she gave me aligned so much with where I was in my life.

I decided to follow her advice and I feel I’m in a far better place now, compared to how I was.

If you’re ever unsure about things or just want some advice, reach out to her. She really does go the extra mile for you she is honestly amazing.


Ask your question anytime if you feel unsure on something, you'll very quickly feel like you're back on track.


I couldn’t recommended Olivia enough as your mindset & life coach, she constantly has your best interest at heart.


This is the beautiful soul that did the last step in helping us get pregnant... the turkey baster handler (laughing)


In all seriousness I had such an amazing experience with her at that moment. I went with the intentions of holding two babies at the end of 9 months and she came in with her intentions and told me everything will work out.


I can't say enough about all the ladies that helped us out...blessing to all of you.

Olivia, I didn't just give you the name sunshine for no reason...


You are a beam so bright you help others, maybe without knowing.


Your energy is off the chart as they say


Ready to book a reading?

Booking a reading with me to help demystify your personal perceived infertility concepts, detoxify notions you’ve been led to believe, hear the truth behind why you created being infertile in the first place and restarting & reseting your true fertility journey is very simple. 

Infertility Specialist Divine Fertility Messages
Fertility Specialist Olivia Alexandra Ainger

You are ...

worth knowing the truth 

a magnificent divine being 

perfect in your journey 

cherished every moment 

you are loved

Welcome abundance in your life. Listen to it during the day or when you sleep, with your permission, allow the frequency of my voice to subconsciously embed divine messages within you, aligning your body, mind & soul to come together, heal the past and finally make your dream come true.

Thanks! Go check your email, your meditation will be with you shortly.

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